Dr. Nate Brooks consulting, trainer and retention specialist for business.

Dr. Nate Brooks consulting, trainer and retention specialist for business.

Dr. Nate Brooks consulting, trainer and retention specialist for business.Dr. Nate Brooks consulting, trainer and retention specialist for business.Dr. Nate Brooks consulting, trainer and retention specialist for business.

 Coaching, training and teaching you to sale and retain your clients

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About Us


Our Experience

With over 35 plus years of professional experience, Dr. Nathaniel Brooks has appeared on television and addresses thousands each year through seminars and keynote speaking engagements.

Dr. Brooks has used his consulting skills in the lives of people on an international level. In Nigeria, Africa he spoke to over 25,000 leaders on excellence in business; In Bangalore and New Delhi, India he trained the trainers, the leadership team and the consultants for AOL and in Pampanga, Philippines, he worked with leadership and individuals on their process to increase sales.

Domestically, Dr. Brooks was interviewed by National Public Radio for the New York Host Committee for the 2004 Republican National Convention and he has been featured in Black Enterprise, Ebony Man and UPSCALE Magazines.

Through his extensive professional experience in sales training, retention, public speaking, customer service and personal development, it has afforded him the opportunity to work with some of Americas Top Fortune 500 Companies including Morgan Stanley, America On Line (AOL), Top Value Markets, and SBC to name a few.


Our Approach

Our service includes an assessment of Team members that are responsible for reaching the results. A plan is designed with measurable metrics.  It insures the accuracy of the assignment.

After having a major health issue in 2009 (ischemic stroke)  Dr. Brooks looks at the attitudes of those involved. The commitment of the team is required thus causing a contract to be designed to ensure commitment.

Things we look for: 

1. Lack clarity?

2. Organizational skills?

3. Is a strategy or a plan in place?  

4. What psychological barriers may be  preventing the organization from moving forward?


Why Us?


Dr. Brooks is committed to excellence in consulting, training, speaking and personal development. Assisting its' clients in achieving success propelling them toward defined goals through personal and team development; by using proven training strategies that bring out your staff's personal and professional best.

We believe that successful people should follow the same advice they
prescribe to others. We stand ready to serve you no matter the size of
your company. Dr. Brooks  provides corporate support
and training services to the world.

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Inspirational speaking.
This is a presentation that teaches you how to inspire others to take action and make it fun. This will make your meetings exciting and memorable for all who attend. You will make your meetings come alive. 

Sales workshops
Sales workshops are designed to teach the process of sales. Sales people may think they have the gift of gab. Think again, that gift has to be developed. They need to understand the sales process. Salespeople will be able to overcome objections, close more sales and use the telephone as a sales tool for appointments. 

Service Training

How do you give service to your customers? Service Training will allow you to understand the process of service. What is the key to exceptional customer service? How do we retain a customer for life? Know what your customers want and give it to them . Learn the secret that causes your organization to stand out and bring your customers back.

Consulting Services
We prefer using the word advisor so that we can coach or guide you to get the results. After advising we design and train you and your salespeople. Training or teaching in a consultative way to lead by example. Ask about the complimentary coaching consultation. Just call and leave a message or set an appointment we will call you back. 

Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching that reinforces skills needed to help you achieve your goals. Coaching supports the learner in achieving specific personal or professional goals by interacting with the coach in weekly meetings.  Inquire about the complimentary coaching that can give you pointers. Make an appointment at the bottom of this page.

Announce coming events

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Roger Pierce reviewed — 5 star

In March '2009, I had the opportunity of attending Nate Brooks' "Success N Selling" class, designed for small businesses. During this one day course, some of the training included the following topics: From Vision to Reality: Developing the Right Habits, Habits of Top Small Businesses, Building a Vision of Your Business, Identifying Time Wasters, Feature-Bridge-Benefit, and the Sales Process. As a result of attending, my business has increased significantly, and I would recommend Nate Brooks to anyone who is serious about their business. 

Received this from a recent graduate of  sales course. 

After 48 years I’m still learning and recently competed a sales course from Nate Brooks. I recommend Nate’s sales course for two reasons. First, his sales training is to the point. He provides very effective sales training in a condensed period of time. The benefit is that you don’t have to wait for the 14th or 20th week to understand the complete sales process. Second, Nate’s personal sales experience (he has been where you and I are when we are calling and in appointments) enables him to bring to you the value of an experienced professional to assist you to develop and become more effective with your personal sale skills to achieve a higher level of sales and the life goals that you desire.
There is no one sales course or sales coach however Nate’s instruction and personal interest in each of his students places the value of his teaching at the top of my list.

Toby Skinner


Daniel D. Davis reviewed  — 5 star


Nate Brooks is an invaluable speaker, trainer and team building resource for any organization, large or small. As a retired Purchasing Manager for the largest Municipal Power and Water Utility in the country, I can say that his expertise and methods presented to my organization were very effective. In addition, having received the same quality of training, tools and preparation in a smaller setting left me no less than totally satisfied and empowered to improve and grow. One cannot go wrong when retaining the services of Dr. Nate Brooks 


Paul Gourley reviewed — 5 star

Nate is a professional that goes the extra mile to help people. His sales training is an asset for anyone that wants improvement in sales. Nate is styled to meet an individual's personal needs. I have worked with Nate over many years. I highly recommend Nate to any sales team or sales person that needs improvement in their sales skills.


R J Cooke Scherba reviewed — 5 star


Nate is an expert, experienced, and engaging speaker. His expertise includes sales, success, and encouraging anyone who wants to push through professional or personal challenges to maximum joy and impact. His experience is with national and international large audiences. He engages his audience through unique hands-on illustrations, assessments, and written materials. And his encouragement comes from a personal history of coming back from significant medical challenges. This guy practices what he preaches, and he gets results! I highly recommend him!

Dean Z -Mr. Stitch Sherman Oaks, CA.

 I met Nate as a guest speaker in a class I took at USC.  I knew from his lectures that he could help launch my new business through smart marketing. This is before the internet and social media. We're talking about picking up the phone and cold calling.  I hired Nate to come into my shop and he taught the process.
Twenty years later, Nate is still my "go-to" source for bringing in accounts.

He is the best!! 


Tiffany Quarles  

I highly recommend Nate Brooks coaching services! I work in a highly competitive industry where the odds of succeeding are astronomically rare. With the tools Nate has provided me, I have been able to make considerable ground in my chosen field and have learned how to navigate obstacles all while maintaining an optimistic attitude! Nate is all about being solution oriented and with him, there is no mountain that is too hard to climb. You will see your career progress and learn how to overcome any fear that is holding you back from reaching your goal. Do yourself a favor and sign up for Nate Brooks coaching services.


Dennis Birthwright - 5 stars 

I am thankful for Dr. Brooks having a direct Impact on my life through our Coaching Sessions. I thought I was doing well in my Life, but learning different Concepts and Life Principles has clearly elevated me into my next level.  

Just yesterday, I was chosen to be a part of a department project. , Last Month, I was Chosen for "Employee of the Month”. I am applying my understanding of the topics that are being taught by Nate’s skills which I have brought to my organization’s table. 

Truly I am a living witness that Dr. Nate Brooks "The Result Coach” is getting results in my life, that I have been trying to obtain on my own for many years. 

Breaking News

Dr. Brooks is a Stroke survivor. After working  diligently he understands the difficulties of many businesses. Some businesses have no disabilities accept in their mind. They have self imposed limitations that stop them.  After they work with Dr. Brooks and they change that limitation or their paradigm. They begin to move forward in achieving their business and company goals. He now takes the challenges that could have stopped him and uses it to help companies uncover their challenges to move forward.


What is the cost of services?

The first session is free. We would like to see if we can assist you first then it depends upon what services are needed to help you move forward. After an assessment, a plan and proposal is presented with cost included.

Can you do online training?

Yes, online is less expensive plus individuals can experience different techniques and training.

Are training materials customize?

Yes, all training materials are customize to meet the requirements of the client.

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